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There was a comment on one of my previous posts from a new Navy spouse who had some questions about relocating (i.e. PCSing).  Her comment:

Hi, my husband is leaving for the Navy in January.  I am excited, but again very nervous and afraid.  I do not know what to expect and have never been away from my husband.  He will be away for six months and when he comes back we will have to move to another state.  I live in Tennessee and do not know what it is like to live in another state.  This is a new thing for us.  I am very nervous and a bit emotional and would like to know how other military wives cope with the new environments and the thought of leaving family, friends, job, etc.

Since my husband is in the Army I am quite "uneducated" on available resources for Navy families.  I know how the Army works, but not the Navy.  So, I am asking the Navy spouses out there to please help this spouse by letting her know about resources that can make her transition to the Navy a bit less stressful.  I can always give my two cents about what it's like for me to move, etc., but who wants to hear that?!  I think it would be very encouraging for other Navy spouses to offer up experiences, advice, resources, etc. for this Navy spouse (and other new spouses who may read this blog).  Thanks so much!

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