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I've got a story that might freak you out -- it's certainly a bit more intense than what you'll find in "Humor in Uniform" -- but someone somewhere out there will understand this story and think it's funny.  It could only happen to a military spouse.

I ordered some photos online from our digital camera before I realized I forgot to order one that I wanted.  I decided to take the one photo to Walmart with me and just print it off of that Kodak machine.  So I grabbed my husband's thumb drive and saved the photo.  Piece of cake, right?  Well, those photo machines work by searching the thumb drive for all photo files.  So there I am at the store and the Kodak machine is asking me which photo I want.  It's afternoon on a Sunday, so the Walmart is swarming with people, and I'm about to have a heart attack.

Because, you see, I had saved it to my husband's thumb drive from Iraq. 

So there I was in Walmart, on the very big, very public Kodak machine, frantically scrolling through photos of dead insurgents trying to find the stinkin' picture of our dog.

Could've died of embarrassment.

[Disclaimer:  Before anyone gets too freaked out by this story, I must point out that these weren't "trophy photos."  One of my husband's tasks in Iraq was to document anything that happened to his platoon while they were out on patrol.  He had to take these photos back to battalion so they could cross-reference them against high-value targets and known troublemakers.]

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