Look! Up in the Sky!


My three year old son loves Superheroes.  It has become an obsession in his young life.

At this point nearly all his pajamas have capes.  He spends his days running up and down my hallways with arms extended forward making "Swish" noises (Superman flying), "Schwing" noises with his fists upraised (Wolverine), and "Whoosh" noises as he jumps up and down with his arms out to the sides (Batman).   

When I allowed him to play with the playhouse located at the base Youth Center where I took my three older daughters for a homeschool gym class, he arranged defense fortifications in two bedrooms to hide the children, then proceeded to have the "Good Guys" battle the "Bad Guys" in front of the house. The day was saved for the "Good Guys" when the 12 inch action figure of The Hulk my son carries around with him everywhere made an appearance.

But TV is not the sole feeder for my son's Superhero obsession.

As we were driving along in our minivan to take my eldest daughter to Clothing and Sales for uniform items, we passed several large groups of guys in BDUs walking to and fro on base.  I'll admit, daughter #1 and I watched.  Guys in uniform... *SIGH*

From the seat behind me my son piped up, "Hey!  Look!  Lots of Army Guys!  Off to SAVE THE WORLD!" 

You see, the only non-cape pajamas my son owns are camouflage.  Because, to him, Army Guy is a superhero.

And, just so you know, my husband isn't left out even though he's in the Air Force.  My son firmly believes that his daddy is Captain America.


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