It really didn't interrupt anything


Living off installation, surrounded by many whose livelihood's depend on their company supporting components of DOD, it's amazing the views and tidbits that sometimes BLURT out of their mouths.  I was talking w/ a neighbor around the corner just now, when I heard a familiar sound.  The Boss has spent her adult life working in and around Air Force aircraft, some fighters, some airlifters.  Along the way she gives the jets names, some sophisticated, some derogatory, all in an innate understanding that this inanimate object, truly had feelings and capabilities, and would when required, take a US Warrior into combat and bring them back safely.  ... The Boss always treats "her aircraft" with respect.

And the business end is most impressive ...

Here I am with my neighbor (a nice lady ta-boot), when all of a sudden a perfect diamond formation of the most beautiful flying machines in the world, come roaring over our heads.  Our heads here in quiet suburbia.  Without hesitation, I craned my neck to allow the maximum sound to penetrate my being and the unseen shockwave to infuse my soul.  The neighbor -- cupped her hands over her ears and squinted at the fleeting images of air power.  And said, "I hate that loud sound -- I wish they'd do something about that and go somewhere else.  It interrupted my train of thought."

I just chuckled at her.  Here she is, complaining about the effects of the business end of the most powerful and reliable engines in the world, powering the most lethal jet fighter on the front lines, bar-none.  They weren't interrupting her, they were announcing to the world, we're on duty.  In a Major Command of long ago, there was a saying -- "Push, Pull, or Get Out of the Way."  My neighbor headed off to the grocery store still holding her ears -- she was gettin' outta the way. 

Even when I don't see The Boss for months or years on end, I know she's out there with "her aircraft", righting wrongs, fixing what's broken, keeping her "shoulder to the wheel."  You go girl !  ... and crank up the volume on the business end of your jets... trust me, if Jet Noise is the Sound of Freedom, then it's shouting to me you're okay, and besides, you won't be interrupting a thing. O&O, Toad1

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