How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our housing has been privatized.  And don't expect to hear any talk about how wonderful it is from me, either.  There have been... issues.

But one thing I can say about our housing having been privatized is this - it is the great equalizer.  You see, they are supposed to do our front lawn care.  And I have been blessed with "the Thumb of Death."

My yard never wins any prizes.  Never.  And it's not for lack of trying, either.  I follow all the rules, keep my grass trimmed to regulation length, weed, mulch, and dance Native American blessings  over it.  This year I even got the full number of flats we were entitled to from the local nursery and planted sweet little flowers all along our walkway.

Most of them died.

It seems that the majority of my neighbors are in the same boat I am, and our row of houses feature very utilitarian yards.  This is usually fine with me.  I have other attributes to lean on.  But across the street from me lived the Perfect Wife.  And her yard was amazing.  Greenest of grass, flowery bushes, a perfectly trimmed tree, and sticks wouldn't DARE to drop on her side of the fence.

My yard, in contrast, is always yellowing; even during rainy season.  Most of my flowers died, and those that didn't grew in a kind of funky leaning pattern.  And somehow the grass that wound up growing in my flowerbeds  got taller than the actual flowers in less than a week.

What is most shocking about all of this is that historically my family's "other" career (other than serving in the military, that is), is farming.  Those genes must have skipped my generation.  It's probably good that hubby and I aren't planning to go back and inherit the family farm - a few more like me and the world would starve.

Anyway, one of the benefits to housing privatization is supposed to be that the renting agency would now take care of all lawn and yard work. 

"Finally," I thought, "my lawn will measure up to everyone else's!"

It does, too!  They haven't raked or mowed for ANYONE!

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