Hazards of Re-entry


I've posted before about the issues involved in a spouse returning from a long TDY or deployment.  We all know the issues are there and many of the authors have given food for thought about the various challenges we face.  Until recently, I never realized how dangerous the health issues could be in re-entry!

You see, Papa Bear is a very handy man!  He always has projects going on to improve the house.  And he's really, really good at this stuff!  Unfortunately, I have gotten out of the habit of side-stepping the strewnage from these projects!  It has caused me some problems!.....

Last month, we were spending a romantic Saturday evening watching a Notre Dame game in our darkened living room (Well, if Notre Dame wins, it's romantic!  If they lose, we all know it's early mass for us to atone for whatever sins we committed that led to the Irish loss!).  I got up to get popcorn for everyone (adding to the romantic ambiance!) and proceeded to trip, backwards, over a load of computer discs that were left on the floor from when he was trying to cull through all the kids' games.  I fell, of course, on my 'bad' hip and felt like the old lady on TV who's fallen and can't get up!  I hobbled around for about a week after that and lived on high doses of Advil.

Last weekend was the kicker!  My husband had taken up the challenge of painting the foyer.  Truly a task of monumental proportions!  At which, I must say he was fantastic and proved himself a painting genius the likes of which rivals Michaelangelo!  However, he didn't finish it all on Saturday and got up early on Sunday to finish. 

I love lazy Sunday mornings!  Keep in mind the Irish victory on Saturday ensured a great Sunday of rest for me.  I wake up leisurely and without a lot of focus! I was coming down the stairs to see if (heaven forbid) Papa Bear wanted some assistance or to just coo my admiration from afar.  My 6-year old, Goober, caught my attention from the corner of my eye just long enough for me to miss the paper Papa Bear had laid down on the landing to prevent paint sloshing.  Man, did I fly!  I felt like Pooh Bear thump, thump, thumping down the stairs - yes, on my sore hip!  But this time I got the added bonus of my right arm!  I felt like the old, old lady on TV who wears the necklace with the button 'just in case'.

So now it's days later:  my hip is still sore (but manageable) but my arm is killing me!  I'm a little nervous to go back to the doctor and say that for the second time, in as many months, I'm back as a result of my husband's "home improvement" projects!  Not to mention, if it needs a cast, then I won't be able to drive.  I have to drive - I have three boys!  But if I leave it alone - it throbs, if I try to move it - it's excruciating (about a 7 on the 'scale') and don't even ask me to explain how it feels if you bump into me.  Poor Goober is trying so hard to be loving in his best, most affectionate, "I know which arm is sore and I'm gonna love it and hang on it til it's better" way!

Here's hoping that I've learned my lessons and that this latest fall has tripped my brain into remembering that even big boys leave their 'toys' around and now I've got to look at four times before I step anywhere!  Gads, I don't think my health can take much more of this readjustment!

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