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There have been many posts, about just how moving the SpouseBuzz Live Event was.  And I find myself sitting here with facial muscles sore from laughing and smiling.  The SpouseBuzz panel, was missing a couple of ladies, who were not far from our thoughts.  Homefront Six, who I have had the pleasure of meeting in Washington D.C. at the First Annual Mil-Blogging Conference, and Joann who I have not had the good fortune of meeting YET.  Ladies, see you next time.  you were not far from our thoughts.

Andi has done an excellent job combining so many different personalities, services, styles. 

All of these contributors to SpouseBuzz  are impressive in their own right and all have a story, or stories.  I am humbled to be in such company.  All have survived, and can still smile and laugh.  All have learned what perseverance, trust, love, strength, faith and hope mean.   We exchanged stories with one another in groups in private, over dinner.  These women have amazing spirits, and stories.  I promise you, I laughed, more than I have laughed in a long time, and it felt good to have a sore face from smiling.  Most of these ladies I have been reading for a very long time, and I had never had the good fortune of meeting. 

One of the first mil-spouse blogger I met was Andi of Andi's world.  I was even lucky enough to go with her to Walter Reed, where I was able to see the project "Sew Much Comfort" in action.  I did not know the story behind Sew Much Comfort, but I did see the power of it.  Now that I have met the founder, I can honestly say I am even more impressed this charitable organization. 

Saturday, at the SpouseBuzz live conference, we were very impressed with the group of women that arrived.  All friendly  and open.   All that attended searching for resources to be better spouses, better Mothers, better people. Many topics were discussed:  New to military, frequent moving, PTSD, what happens to our wounded loved ones, and how we can advocate for them, using available resources, reunion, FRG's, new technology and how it effects communication, and managing life during deployment.

They shared stories, and and asked questions, offered advice to each of us.  They participated, and we connected.  We saw nodding, and smiles, and tears.  Even I had tears.  You ladies inspired us.  So Fort Hood mil-spouses, thank you.  The lessons we learned from you will carry us!!

I think we are better for making the trip.

P.S.  Andi, I am ready to go back!! 

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