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Sitting in Killeen's airport, but wanted to post a big thank you to the spouses of Ft. Hood for their hospitality, openness and presence at our forum!  So glad I made it to Texas--rather than Wichita!

During the event, Reader Cindi posted a question regarding resources for military children dealing with deployment.

Many resources on- and off-line are cropping up for our kids.

When searching for books, I like to look at Amazon.com so I can check out excerpts, reviews and the artwork prior to purchasing.  Sometimes I purchase from Amazon, other times not.  It is a great pre-buying resource.

In searching for books for kids whose parent(s) are deployed, these results popped up.

This public library's website also had a very comprehensive list you may want to read.  This list led me to United Through Reading which offers resources and ideas on keeping the family connected through reading.  At 6 and 9, Cindi's children may really enjoy that.  I will caution that we made a Daddy reading bedtime story video for our youngest, but at 1 she was frustrated that Daddy wouldn't answer her when she tried to talk to him reading the stories. 

Some websites you may want to check out include:

Military.com's Military Kid Resources

Operation Military Kids

Kids Serve 2

I would love to see comments posted sharing websites and off-line resources for kids of various ages.  One thing to keep in mind...just because Cindi's kids are experiencing a Navy deployment doesn't mean your child's Army deployment resources aren't applicable.  I think we ALL know that absence for a kid is absence, plain and simple.  Knowing that others are experiencing it will help and there are growing lists of resources to help. 

Let's add to that list here!

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