American Legion Family Support Network


The American Legion's Family Support Network assists militaryfamilies while servicemembers serve overseas with such chores asgrocery shopping, childcare, lawn care, fixing the family car andcountless other challenges to a military spouse. Family members cancall toll-free 1-800-504-4098, complete the electronic request form , or e-mail familysupport@legion.orgto ask for assistance. Provide details of the need, and local,volunteer American Legion members will contact your family to determineif and how assistance can be provided.

For more information, or to join The American Legion go to http://www.legion.org/join.  I got this information of the Military.com site.  To see the original article go to:  http://www.military.com/military-report/american-legions-family-support-network

I think it's great that there are organizations beginning to recognize the difficulties of the homefront heroes!  If you know of other groups willing to help spouses here at home, please let us know!  Many of us suffer in silence without knowing there is help out there!  America really does want to help. Getting the word out is critical.

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