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Welcome! I hope that while you are enjoying that lift from your first morning cup (I'm a tea drinker, myself), you will join us here for a Buzz of a different sort.

SpouseBuzz is here for you, the military spouse. Feel free to pull up a chair.

I'm calling myself "Molly Pitcher" on this blog because she's the first famous Artillery Wife.  Although I can't travel to Baghdad to cool off the guns or offer refreshments, I do my best to pitch in from home.

I'm the Junior H6 on this board with just three years involved in the military...hopefully when I miss in enlightening with knowledge, I will at least be able to enliven with amusing missteps. Perhaps some other newbies will relate to my fumblings.

When DH first left for basic training, one of the first things I did was to seek out other MilSpouses on the internet. Their support was invaluable and, whether you were born into this military family life or you are just starting out, I hope that you will find that sort of camaraderie here.

My DH (Dear Husband) signed on the dotted line shortly following the attacks of September 11. We are both originally from New York and on that day, DH was commuting downtown to his second day of work. However, because he had some commitments as an associate at a law firm and as a clerk for a judge, he did not enter Basic Training until September of 2003.

DH has been deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom since December of 2005.

Our New York friends think we are nuts. DH believes it is his duty as an American. I approach it as yet another adventure as DH's wife.

...And just because simple and easy are boring, DH and I decided to try for our first child in the months leading up to his deployment. Our beautiful baby girl, Lilah, was born on August 9, 2006. DH arrived home on leave on August 11, missing the birth, but enjoying two very special weeks with our darling girl. Lilah has a heart condition, so she needs a little extra TLC until she is ready for her operation in a few months.

Keeping Lilah away from germs in the meantime has forced me to cut back somewhat on my volunteer commitments, but prior to this I was active as the FRG's co-leader and with various other post and community organizations.

I also ran a "virtual" FRG for DH's OCS class, so I can certainly relate a little to the frustrations of our Guard and Reserve friends who may not live close to a military post or have a geographically centralized support network!

Whew! I would make a terrible soldier. That was a heck of a lot more than name, rank, and serial number. So, I'll sign off with an invite.

Make yourself at home.

Like at any MilSpouse's house, the pot (or kettle) is always hot, the fridge is always stocked with comfort food, and our ears and hearts are open...so come on in for some tea and sympathy (or ranting and raving, if you prefer)!

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