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Hello Blog World!  I'm GBear - it's a family nickname that just sort of stuck!  If you've never been to a blog, I can completely relate!  I'd never heard of them before I met Andi, but this is going to be the best thing going for us!  There is such an incredible wealth of resources among the authors.

I've been a military spouse for 14+ years.  My entire life, except for one rogue year after college (and who didn't have that?), has been connected with the military.  I was born an Air Force "brat", worked as a civilian for the Air Force and then married a military man! Of my 40 years, 39 have been under the military umbrella.   Each of these experiences has given me new insights into military life.  I think Toad and I are the only ones to have been military brats.  That's a whole different perspective for a military spouse.  On the bright side, I knew about having entire conversations that consisted of three letter words when I got married.

I have three boys.  Cubby is almost 13.  He is a Stage IV Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer survivor.  Over the past 10 years, I've had to become somewhat of a TriCare guru. My kid's have learned a lot of interesting words they can never repeat during my conversations with medical residents and TriCare personnel!  Bubba is 11 and is incredible in his own ways!  These two have had 6 schools each! Cubby is in 7th grade and Bubba is in 5th!  Goober - sadly enough, it's his real nickname -  just turned 6 (K) and calls the minivan home! Such are the perils of being married to a migrant worker!

My husband (Papa Bear?) is in the Air Force and, while he's not been deployed, he just got back from being TDY for seven months.  No matter where they go or how long they are gone, it's always tough and usually when things go awry!  Our chosen profession is one of the most challenging and exciting out there!

Congratulations on finding your way to SpouseBUZZ!  I don't think Military.com even realizes the tremendous impact a site like this can have in our lives.  The 'band of brothers' camaraderie is not just necessary on the battlefield far away, but also in the mine fields of our lives as military spouses.  Thank you so much Military.com for providing us this resource and outlet!  Here's hoping it far exceeds expectations - since truly we military spouses can accomplish anything! 

Soon, I will be posting this month's In Focus column.  I was given the opportunity to write about an organization helping wounded troops that's close to my heart, Sew Much Comfort.  This organization provides adaptive clothing to the wounded troops so they can get out of hospital gowns and into regular clothing as soon as possible.  So, let's get going......!!!!!

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