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This post from AFW Military Brats in Trouble got me to thinking................

A magazine just for Military Brats came out in June and it is indeed called "Military Brats."

The first issue was available in commissaries. 

My children are still a bit too young to appreciate the magazine, but I thought it was very well done and provided great information.  I loved it so much that I put the issue aside in a box for my children to access when they are older.

Another great thing for brats everywhere is that military children who do not live near a commissary can go on-line and sign up to have the magazine mailed directly to them.  The magazine can also be downloaded, but know in advance that it is a lengthy download.

What a great way for military children everywhere to feel like a part of the military community. 


Military children can also contribute to the magazine:

If you have a story or art work that you would like to submit.  Email your work to militarybrats@littlefootpublishing.comOr please send it to us at: Littlefoot PublishingP.O. Box 6122Watertown NY, 13601

The website provides much more than just the magazine information.  Go on over and take a look and then sit down with your "Brats" and cruise the site together.

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