Smart Shopping


I was recently shopping at New York & Company and upon check-out, the salesclerk asked me the annoying question that everyone asks these days, "Would you like to open a New York & Company charge card and save 20%?" After receiving a polite "no, thank you", the clerk then asked if I had a military ID card. Did you know that New York & Company offers a 15% discount on all purchases for military ID cardholders?

Ironically, a few days later, I was at Famous Footwear and noticed a sign offering discounts to military customers. I've shopped there before and never noticed the sign. Twice in two weeks, I stumbled across these discounts and saved some money. This experience has led me to begin asking each retailer that I purchase goods from if they offer military discounts. You would be surprised what I've found.

It's good public relations for companies to offer these discounts, and I'm more likely to shop at military-friendly stores as a result of their outreach. It's a win/win situation.

Take a look at the 700+ companies who show their appreciation for our military by allowing us to save some money. Shop smart.

Oh, and don't let this post mislead you, I rarely *cough* shop *cough*.

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