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One of the greatest things about being raised military or being married to the military is the chance to see so much of our incredible country.  We, military spouses, fearlessly traverse the superhighways of our great nation with seemingly reckless abandon.  This summer, I was particularly busy.  I traveled from Ohio to Minnesota to Texas to DC to California.  Literally, I traveled North, South, East, West and MidWest.

What an incredible country!  There is such diversity in the scenery and among the people.  I truly enjoyed everywhere I visited and found such immense beauty all around me.  It gave new meaning to the "Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain...". 

One thing that was a constant, amidst all the diversity I saw, and that never ceased to bring a tear to my eye and a smile to my heart, was those HUGE American flags.  They have such grace and wonder in them when they are caught in the breeze!  I love driving down highways when they have car lots flying those flags.  Without fail, I would stop and think about all the troops I know who are serving, both here and abroad, and all the men and women who have sacrificed so much serving under the flag of our nation.   That's my 'American scene'.

What a great symbol and testimony to the strength of our nation - but there are many more.  The time when you are in an airport and service members walk by to a hushed and, almost, reverent crowd.  How about when you saw your elderly neighbor bringing soup to young mother whose child is undergoing Cancer treatments?  The time you watched a boy scout doing his 'good turn daily'.  The teachers returning to school rooms with a wistful look back to their cars wishing for one more summer day - but duty calls!  And that duty is our children and our future!  Perhaps it's a soccer dad who thinks enough of the national anthem to bring it to every 5th/6th grade soccer game and blare it over his own 'boom box' while the players and parents stand at attention.

So, what is your story?  When have you seen America at it's best?  Sometimes, it's easy to forget the everyday heroes (since we live with them!) or not even notice some of our greatest symbols.  Let's refresh our memory.  Tell what you think is great about this nation our spouses have committed their lives to defend and protect. 

Then, when the TDY/Deployment lasts too long, the AC goes on the fritz and he's gone....again, the kids need to go to the doctor and the Medical Center can't give you an appt for a month, or the pay is messed up but the bills aren't - come back here and read all the reasons your spouse chose this profession.  And, next time you see one of those big, billowy flags blowing in the breeze, take a second and be WOWed! 

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