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Welcome everyone!  We are all so glad that you took at moment out of your day to visit SpouseBUZZ and we hope that you will return daily.

I am an Active Duty Army wife of 7 years and the mom of two boisterous little boys.  I have survived four PCS moves, to include an overseas move and we are gearing up for another move in a few short months.  I have no doubt that I have several PCS stories in common with you.  Some good, some down right horrible.  I am hoping for success when we move this time.  Hey, a girl can hope, right?

My husband has deployed to Kosovo and to OIF twice.  I was involved with the FRG during all three deployments and when you have genuinely caring and motivated people, it CAN BE a wonderful experience.  I have made many lifelong friends along the FRG path and I am so grateful.

I learned a lot about the military in trial by fire experiences and I know I am not unique in that experience.  I hope that SpouseBUZZ will allow many of you to have less of a trial by fire experience than what I had after first becoming a military wife.  We are all here for YOU!

Military spouses are definitely unique and I believe that we all need each other and should take the opportunity to lean on each other.  We are most times in situations where we must be strong and independent, but we all get tired and we all have lows and those times are when we need each other the most.  I hope that you will take the opportunity to utilize SpouseBUZZ as an avenue for support, information and a few laughs.  We will all do our best for you and we hope that you will jump on the train and become a part of this wonderful new adventure for all military spouses.

Being married to the military is always an adventure and it gives us a common bond, so come join us and share your stories too!

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