Movies I can't watch

AFW's post started me thinking about the movies I cannot watch while MacGyver is deployed. I can handle the ones with steamy scenes - living vicariously is one way I am surviving this deployment. But the ones that involve servicemembers being hurt or killed? Not in a million years. Especially if there is a helicopter involved.

Blackhawk Down ~ hits entirely too close to home on both a professional level AND on a personal level. I can't even watch this while MacGyver is home anymore.

Saving Private Ryan ~ in the weeks before MacGyver took off for Basic Training, we went to go see this movie in the theatre. BAD. MOVE. Yes, I understand that WWII and wars now are completely different but still, watching THAT movies in the days before your husband of barely a year leaves for a career in the Army was not a good idea. Took me days to get over that and I have not watched the movie since.

Gunner Palace ~ bought it on the recommendation of several blog friends. Have not been able to watch it. I just can't bring myself to even unwrap the package.

The War Tapes ~ as anxious as I am to see this movie, it is going to have to wait until MacGyver gets back from Iraq. While I was at the milblogging conference last April in Washington, D.C., I was talking with Mike Moriarity and he asked me if I planned to see it (he was one of the soldiers involved in it's making) and I had to answer "No." because there was absolutely no way I could bring myself to do so. I am not ignorant nor am I the head-in-the-sand variety of military spouse (not that there is anything wrong with that. It's just not ME.). But mentally I cannot handle that. Self-preservation is a wonderful thing. I do plan to buy it on DVD when the time comes and watch it once MacGyver is home, safe and sound.

World Trade Center and United Flight 93 ~ watching it live was difficult enough. Doing so again at this point would send me over the edge.

I am sure there are other movies I avoid at this point. These are the ones that jump out at me. Like I said, I don't mind the ones with steamy scenes. Shoot - SOMEONE should be having some fun, even if it isn't ME (and even if it's fiction on television or the big screen)! But the ones that force me to actually face reality...no thank you. I like my sanity in tact thankyouverymuch!


- hfs

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