Military Spouse Survey on Combat Stress


Anna Stowe Alrutz is a graduate student researcher at Florida State University, and a military spouse of sixteen years. Anna is conducting an on-line survey for military spouses as part of her thesis research. She writes:

My graduate research is exploring issues associated with combat stress. Combat stress is becoming an increasingly important issue across the military community as our service members carry out combat deployments. The purpose of this research project is to better understand military spouse views on combat stress. In addition to understanding general health seeking behaviors, my research is exploring military spouse attitudes and practices related to service members seeking early care for combat stress symptoms.

This survey is open to all U.S. military spouses. If you are currently a military spouse I would like to hear from you. Please take twenty minutes to complete this survey which provides critical information needed to address these research questions.

During the survey you will be asked questions about your feelings regarding combat stress, help seeking behavior and general information about the attitude your peers have towards combat stress. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

If you're interested in reading more, or participating, click here.

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