Military Children


Are you a military spouse with children?  If so, please come and share your stories with us.

These are some questions to get you thinking: 

* Have your children experienced a deployment and how have they dealt with it?  Have the military and/or outside resources helped you and your children?  Have school or daycare teachers and administrators been helpful and understanding to your child during a deployment?

* Do your children attend public school on or near your installation, do they attend a DOD school (DODDS)?  What is your experience with your child's education in regards to military life?

* Are you a homeschooling military family?  Share your experiences and any difficulties you have dealt with when relocating!

* Is childcare an issue at your location?  Daily and/or during a deployment?

* Does your location have an ASYMCA?  Has this service been valuable to you?

* Do your children have access to and utilize a youth or teen center? 

* If you are a spouse geographically separated from a military installation, what is your story in regards to your children?  Do the officials at your child's school understand your child's needs, especially during deployments or when your spouse is stationed elsewhere?  What kind of childcare issues do you face?

* Has your family used the sports or activity programs available for children on your installation?  What programs do you wish were available?  Do you prefer the military programs or do you prefer to go into the local community?

* Do you have a School Liaison at your installation and if so, have they been helpful?

Please comment or email me on resources that you find valuable and resources you wish were available.  I am planning a future posting on available resources for military children and their parents and I would love to have your input.  Also feel free to comment or email on any other related items or issues that you face in regards to your military children! 

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