Luckiest Person in the Military


Hello, my name is Sarah and I've never had a bad Tricare experience.

Thought that'd get your attention.

My husband has been in the Active Army for four years now, and we'll be moving to our fifth duty station this winter.  While we're not nearly as seasoned as some of you other military families may be, we have managed to cram a fair amount of fun into our four years so far: gold-bar recruiting, an overseas tour, one OIF deployment, and a branch-detail switch from combat arms to combat service support.

And, yes, I was serious about the Tricare quip.  We've dealt with the fancy post hospital, the clinic in Germany, and even Tricare Prime Remote in a town of 17,000.  For whatever reason, I've barely even had to wait in line.  I really don't have any Tricare gripes, which I know makes me the luckiest person in the military.

But my husband is Finance, so goodness knows you've probably got some gripes for me!

Whether I can help you with your LES or just suggest some reading (The Blog of War), hopefully I have something I can add to this SpouseBUZZ blog.  I think it's great that Military.com has provided us with this forum, and we're interested in a discussion of anything mil-spouse.

And if you want me to come with you to your next medical appointment, maybe some of my luck can rub off on you...

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