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Welcome to SpouseBUZZ!  So glad you accepted the invitation to stop by and take the tour of our new place.  As you look around, you'll realize this is really YOUR place so make yourself at home, add us to your favorites and tell your friends our doors are always open!

I'm Guard Wife.  My husband, Hubs (as he is known throughout the blogosphere), is in his twelfth year of Army National Guard service.  We have been married for four-and-a-half years, but have known each other our whole lives. 

We're like a movie you'd see on Lifetime--two hometown sweethearts move to the big city to pursue their dreams.  After she turns 21, the girl experiences a sudden burst of independence and the relationship ends (sigh).  The girl goes on to marry someone else, has a child and moves into a new neighborhood with her then husband.  Their marriage ends and to help cope, the girl orders things delivered by men wearing brown and driving big trucks.  She opens her door one day only to find that her hometown sweetheart is one of the men in brown...and the rest, as they say, is history.

We live in the Midwest with our two daughters.  Our oldest is M1, a second grader with a heart of gold.  Our youngest is M2, a three-year-old with a fiery personality to match her red hair.  Our two dogs round out the crew.  Oscar, the Wondermutt, is 13 and Annie, the golden retriever, is 4.

Being a Guard Wife is different than I anticipated and sometimes, it is more frustrating than I like to admit.  We have had the occasion to go through deployments of varying lengths, the longest being nearly a year right after M2 celebrated her first birthday.  We have experienced pay problems, insurance snafus, family readiness group drama, and  my addicition to care packages...you name it, we've lived it!  It's been a learning experience for me as patience, sadly, is not one of my most developed virtues.

Currently, I'm in my second semester of law school.  After ten years teaching on a university faculty, I had the brilliant idea that I should become a student again.  Most of the time, that still seems like a great decision, but don't ask me on drill weekends!

I look forward to learning about you, helping you find resources you need, but most of all supplying a link for those of you who may not have much in the way of support where you are located.

We'd love to hear what you think!  Just look for the red envelope below all the authors' photos on the right sidebar and give it a click!

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