Military Family Business Owners Offer


Military Family Business Owners~

Military Brats Magazine would like to salute you for your dedication and courage.  You are setting a great example to our entire nation!  Not only do you sacrifice for the greater good, you open businesses and help the economy where ever you go! 

Military Brats Magazine is creating a new section for all military family run businesses

For $500.00 your business will be given a business card size ad in 300,000 magazines available in 258 commissaries worldwide. You will also be seen in magazines on Cdrom and downloadable off our web site!  All businesses are welcome; we ask that no alcohol, tattoo or cigarettes are in the ads.

Military Brats Magazine will be including this new section in our upcoming interviews to encourage even more interest! 

The deadline for the next magazine issue is 15 October.  This offer will continue for upcoming issues as well.


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