Who We Are, and Why We're Here

Many of you just discovered SpouseBUZZ yesterday, but we actually launched this blog several days ago. On the right navigation bar, you'll see a link to our archives, where older content is stored. The most recent 20 posts are featured on our front page, all others land in the archive folder. With 13 authors, it doesn't take long to publish 20 posts. If you're new to SpouseBUZZ, be sure to click on the archive folder, and scroll down for older posts.   

Last Monday, the day that SpouseBUZZ launched, our authors wrote "introductory" posts which offered some insight as to who they are, and what their affiliation with the military is. If you missed the introductions/first posts, meet airforcewife, ArmyWifeToddlerMom, GBear, Guard Wife, Homefront Six, Joan D'arc, Joann (who just joined us), Love My Tanker, MaintToad1, Molly Pitcher, RedLegMeg, Sarah and me, Andi.

As you can see, we have a pretty diverse group of spouses here, and we're about to diversify a little more, so stay tuned. Our authors have different backgrounds, represent different branches of the service and combined, they have 113 years of milspouse experience.

Last night, we received several emails from male spouses who were in search of a way, and a place, to fit in. SpouseBUZZ intends to be that place. All spouses are welcome here. Many readers have made inquiries regarding the absence of our male author, MaintToad1. MaintToad1 went on vacation the day we launched, but will return soon. I'm looking forward to reading more about the male spouse experience.

Poke around, visit often and please use the comment section to continue the conversation. SpouseBUZZ exists because of you, so your feedback is important to us. The authors of SpouseBUZZ are looking forward to supporting you in the "virtual" sense.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming....

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