A Mother's guilt


My Mother In Law left here this morning.  She had been here for about a week and a half visiting.  I am blessed to have a great Mother In Law (also nice because I lost my own Mother 5 years ago).  I know I am LUCKY to have a Mother In Law, I enjoy and call friend. 

So for the past week and a half, I have let her spoil "The Collective".  I have a 4 1/2 year old precocious son, and a 2 1/2 year old daughter that lives in a ballet tutu.  They loved having "Granny" here.  Being spoiled is something they do not see much of, so I allow  many things I would not normally allow.  Like donuts for breakfast, ice cream sundaes for dinner, and toys bought on a whim.   I allow her the freedom to spoil them rotten because it only happens 7-12 days a year, if we are lucky. 

Well, "Granny" left this morning.  A sad day for all of us.  "Granny"  took a very early flight, because we hate goodbyes at this house, and have seen more than our share.  Everyone saves the heavy sobbing for they're own time.    So she tip toed into "The Collectives" rooms and kissed them both.  They have grown since the last time she had seen them, she is missing a lot.  They are growing.  So she stood in the doorway trying to memorize how tall they look lying down, the length of hair on foreheads as she brushes it back and tries to kiss them.  She hated leaving AGAIN, my Dear Husband hated watching her say goodbye, because it reminds him of all of the times he has had to say goodbye. 

Me, I do not like watching any of it.  I can hardly stand goodbyes any longer.  I really can't.  Oh and I promise you I am a stiff upper lip kind of girl, but even I have my breaking points. 

"Granny" does not want to leave, and I know this......and I feel guilty for having these babies so far away from "family". 

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