Make Your Voice Heard with the 2020 Blue Star Families Survey

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2020 may be the year that won’t end, but military spouses and family members again have the opportunity to make our thoughts known. Thanks to the 11th annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey (aMFLS) presented by Blue Star Families (BSF) we have six weeks to share our experiences. And doing so could give us the chance to make a difference.

Over the past 11 years, BSF has brought to light a series of issues facing military families and gets national attention. Last year, over 11,000 people responded to the survey, making it the biggest of its kind. This survey covers topics ranging from finances, family stability, education and spouse employment.

The 2020 survey is open to service members, families and veterans from September 8 through October 16. As in past years, BSF expects opinions and experiences gleaned from the survey to be used by law and policy makers to shape military family-focused programs.

According to a press release, "The 2019 survey results revealed military family respondents ranked time away from family, military spouse employment and dependent children's education as three of the top five issues of concern. The results highlighted that instability for military families, such as frequent relocation or separation from the service member, can affect their financial readiness, including the spouse's ability to find employment or the ability to find available and affordable childcare."

"The annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey is our flagship initiative, and we are calling on families to be a voice for their community and drive action that improves the lives of those who serve our country," said Kathy Roth-Douquet, CEO of Blue Star Families said in a release.

COVID-19 has forced us all to make some changes, and the aMFLS survey is a great opportunity to show decision-makers some data behind the things affected.

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