Does Your Home Need a Military Makeover?

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If you're a fan of "Fixer Upper" or anything on HGTV, you'll definitely want to check out "Military Makeover" on Lifetime.

Hosted by Montel Williams, a veteran of both the Marine Corps and Navy, the show transforms one vet's home into something that fits their family's needs.

Last season, viewers watched the makeover of Debbi Hixon's home. Hixon is the widow of Navy veteran Chris Hixon, who was killed during the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in 2018.

The show is now casting for its next season, and Montel and WWE Superstar Lacey Evans are looking for another hero.

Evans, who was excited to join the Military Makeover Team, said that, when she signed with WWE, she made it known she wanted to use any opportunity possible to support and help the veteran community. She is a former Marine.

"I know what it feels like to be active duty, veteran and raise a family within the military," she said.

While Evans focuses on mental health, she just "wants to motivate and uplift people in their hardest times. To let them know they are capable of anything."

She said she feels she represents that truth in the fullest.

When reflecting on why she loves the program, and helping veterans in general, Evans said her favorite moment is probably the same as the viewers'.

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WWE Superstar Lacey Evans working onsite of Military Makeover with Montel. (Caityn Martin, BrandStar)

"I love the moment the family gets to see their new home," she said. "You can just see the weight lifted off of them. You can really see it in their face."


The reveal, which is always fun to watch on television, allows the makeover recipients to forget all their worries and struggles for a moment and take in this huge blessing. Evans said that being able to see that first-hand is incredible.

The next season's recipient will be announced live on social media on July 13, 2020, by Montel and Evans. Could it be you?

If you're interested in applying, or nominating someone, submissions are being accepted now through May 31, 2020.

Evans encourages everyone to apply.

"You're not going to lose anything in applying," she said. "If you're second-guessing yourself, just do it."

She went on to explain that she knows military service members and veterans can be very prideful and don't want it to seem like they are getting a handout.

"Just let us take care of you for once," she said.

Apply or nominate a hero today. Remember, applications close on May 31, 2020.

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