Tutor.com Extends Free Tutoring for Military Families

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As a parent who tried homeschooling, is now conducting several "learn from home" educational programs, and wants her children to be prepared for whatever comes next, I'm all about the resources. And free resources are even better.

While we wrap up this year's schooling, I'm looking forward to what comes next. I've enjoyed reading along with my children as they explore history and science. I've spent considerably less time remembering my geometry lessons when it came time to finding the area of, well, anything beyond a rectangle.

So I was really excited when Tutor.com decided to temporarily expand eligibility for military families who are now juggling yet another ball in the never-ending game of life.

According to its website, "As of April 2020, all DoD service members, civilian personnel and all dependent family members are eligible. DoD military children in grades K‐12, Coast Guard families and DoDEA students who were eligible to use Tutor.com/military prior to April 2020 will continue to access the program as usual."

Awesome. All eligible students, from kindergarten through college, can connect to a live tutor online at any time for help with schoolwork, projects and test prep. (Oh yeah, my spouse is in college, so this is actually really, really helpful.) It's online, free and available 24 hours a day.

Details on eligibility are here, but they are pretty broad. It includes spouses, children and service members. It also includes Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserve families. The only ones who aren't eligible for the free resources are retirees and veterans and their families.

Tutor.com has vetted its network of tutors, which includes teachers, professors and graduate students. They are available at all times during the day, which is great for military families stationed overseas or for service members on shift work.

They also have experience and certifications in more than 40 subjects and test prep. From middle school math to calculus, and elementary school social studies through AP government and politics, you can find a tutor to help your student. It even includes foreign language studies and Microsoft Excel! Yes, I'm excited now.

Don't just take my word for it, several military spouses have found success with Tutor.com. "Tutor.com provided my 9-year-old and 6-year-old with enrichment tools for reading and math. I asked for them to help in the different subjects and we used the audio tool of the program. The tutors listened to my children read and complete math problems, provided feedback via audio and shared ways to increase their reading comprehension. It was very easy, and we benefit from the service," military spouse Tyeisha said.

Perhaps school is in session for only a few more weeks, but you're looking ahead at PSAT/SAT/ACT prep for your high school student. Or you're looking at options for AP test prep. Tutor.com can help with that too.

So follow me on over to Tutor.com and create an account. Because if that moment of frustration hasn't hit you yet, you want to be prepared when it does. You're welcome.

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--Rebecca Alwine can be reached at rebecca.alwine@monster.com. Follow her on Twitter @rebecca_alwine.

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