10 Podcasts by Military Spouses that Aren’t About Being a Military Spouse

Erika Tebbens
Erika Tebbens, host of the Sell It, Sister Podcast (Courtesy of Erika Tebbens)

Military spouses are all the same, right? We sit around talking only about our government-issue houses, our service member’s jobs and our latest PCS fiasco.

Whoa. Rewind. This couldn’t be farther from today’s truth.

Years ago, before Facebook was the hub for all things military spouse related, we used our “military spouse status” to unite us with strangers. We started relationships by building on the things we had in common, like where we had lived and what we had experienced. And while we still do that today, we now leave our service members almost entirely out of the equation.

Instead, today the title of military spouse is often the third or fourth thing you’ll learn about a new acquaintance. You’ll probably first learn about their job or passion, and then maybe their favorite coffee shop. Somewhere down the line you’ll realize that you have 62 Facebook friends in common because, oh yeah, Army.

If we set aside the “military spouse” label, we’ll find we have other things in common. We share passions, hobbies, obsessions with the enneagram and frustrations about moving our careers every few years.

And these are the topics we want to hear about on podcasts. These are the things that make us tick, and while we appreciate that military spouses often do things better, when we can find a podcast on a topic we love, hosted by a military spouse, it’s the perfect combination.

Here are 10 of our favorite podcasts hosted by military spouses that aren’t about being a military spouse. Because we aren’t always all about being a military spouse either.

10 Military Spouse Podcasts That Aren’t About the Military

For Fun

Advice Not Given – Sometimes, we want advice -- and sometimes we don’t. But with Kellie and Claire, you get much more than that. This podcast is like having coffee with two friends. You’ll hear advice on topics from enneagrams to time management to solo parenting.

Humans Outside - Do you spend enough time outside? If the family behind Humans Outside can spend 20 minutes outside each day since September 1, 2017, while living in Alaska, you can too. For more inspiration and ideas on how to do it, check out this new podcast. (And you might recognize the host’s name.)

Indie Book Magic – This self-declared “Geek Reader and Writer Podcast” brings practical advice, interviews with authors and info on new books. Everything’s better with magic and dragons, right?

For Career Inspiration

Drop and Give Me 20 – Often the best way to learn is to learn directly from those who’ve already made the mistakes and overcome them. Germono Advertising shares the stories and challenges of entrepreneurs in just 20 minutes an episode.

Business Bites Podcast – Attorney Rachel Brenke has made a splash, literally and figuratively. She’s an Ironwoman and mother of five, and in her desire to help small businesses do things the right way, has a podcast full of short, useful and practical information. They are a perfect listen to while getting ready for the day.

Naptime Empires – Veteran spouse Nikki Elledge Brown brings the real-life behind building a business that has surpassed the $1 million mark. Learn from her and laugh along with the crazy that comes from being a mom and entrepreneur.

Sell it, Sister – If you’re finding selling to be a challenge because of the shady business practices of others, Erika Tebbens can help you reshape your sales tactics. As a firm believer that you can sell your product without sliding into the DMs, Sell it, Sister will help you hit your sales goals with practical advice.

For Advice

Mighty Parenting – Parenting is hard and, luckily, someone realized we were missing resources for parenting teens and fixed it. The Domestic Diva herself, Judy Davis, tackles parenting teens through all sorts of things – and shares her resources with the rest of us.

Her Money Matters – Money is a touchy subject sometimes, and it’s hard to figure out where to start. With the Her Money Matters podcast, you can start bridging the gap on your financial literacy with the added bonus of getting experience from a milspouse.

Wild & Holy – If you’re looking for a podcast that puts a spiritual perspective on your business, money and leadership, then start here with Wild & Holy. This Air Force spouse brings the real world into focus by grounding her life in integrity.

Podcasts aren’t the same as having coffee with your favorite milspouse friends, but they can be a decent substitute. It’s always nice to see military spouses branch out from the stereotype and share their passions.

Do you have a favorite milspouse podcast? Share it with us.

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--Rebecca Alwine can be reached at rebecca.alwine@monster.com. 

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