Spouses of the Year Unite in Kindness Campaign

U.S. Army Soldiers hold hands with a student from the special education center of the Mother Superior of the Congregation of the Sister Servants of the Immaculate Conception of the Holy Virgin Mary in Gniezno, Poland, as part of a relay race during the Fall Festival held October 19 on Powidz Air Base, Powidz, Poland, to benefit students at the center. U.S. Army Reserve photo/Ryan C. Matson

Three military spouses are on a mission to change the world, one act of kindness at a time.

Coast Guard spouse Jessica Manfre, National Guard spouse Samantha Gomolka and Army spouse Maria Reed met in May at the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year celebrations. Each was honored as their respective branch winner.

The three bonded instantly and recognized their shared passion for service and for kindness. They wanted to do something together that would make an impact outside their own communities. The idea of "Giving Tuesday Military" was born.

The goal? Showcase one million acts of kindness on Giving Tuesday (Dec. 3, 2019) by U.S. military members, their families, veterans, Gold Star and surviving families, and patriotic supporters.

"We aren't interested in dropping a pebble to start a ripple," said Gomolka in an email. "Our sights are set higher than that. We are using a boulder to start a tidal wave."

Manfre also said in an email, "We want to light up the world with one million acts of intentional kindness. Our hope is that it will ignite change -- by engaging people with their fellow human beings and communities. We have our differences and they should be celebrated, but this is one common thing that we all can share in."

To date, the movement has 55 chapter ambassadors who represent bases across the world. Ambassadors lead Facebook groups for their respective areas to help promote and encourage the movement locally. The organizers are asking everyone who participates in Giving Tuesday Military to share their acts of kindness on Facebook with #GivingTuesdayMilitary.

Acts of kindness can be big or small, for someone you know or for a stranger. Buy a cup of coffee for a friend or pay for the person behind you in a drive-through line. Take someone to dinner or sit with someone in need.

"Kindness can change the world," Reed said in an email. "You never know what someone might be walking through, and your simple act of kindness can save a life. Military families are called to service. What better way to serve other than to show kindness?"

Learn more about the movement and how you can participate by visiting www.givingtuesdaymilitary.com.


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