It's Time to Focus on Your Purpose

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Maybe it feels a little like you're lost.

Before -- before this duty station, before this new assignment, before this part of military life -- you knew exactly who you were and what you wanted. And now? Well ...

If that doesn't describe you now, you understand because you've been there before, and you know you could be there again.

Military life is just like that, isn't it? It's so good at throwing into upheaval every good pattern and habit you have. If you're feeling positive about those curveballs, you hunt out and focus on the good aspects. You remind yourself that change makes you a better person, because it pushes you.

But if you're having a bad day, the positives can be hard to find, and the challenges are annoying at best, infuriating at worst.

Feeling lost long term doesn't work, and it's part of the dissatisfaction with military life that pushes us to ask our spouse to get out, to seek something normal and consistent.

Making it in military life means having a purpose. But how do you find one? How do you stop listlessly flapping through life?

I don't have the answer. But I know some folks who do.

"Life With Purpose" is the theme of this year's virtual Military Spouse Wellness Summit from InDependent, streaming March 4 to March 9. And it's your chance to dial in on setting those intentions for getting through military life as someone free from that flapping feeling.

This year, the summit will connect participants with 10 experts who will help us focus with purpose around five themes: grow, move, eat, spend and love. And of course licensed therapist, military family expert and Army spouse Corie Weathers will be there, too, to help lead the way.

And did you catch that it's virtual? The podcast-based event will release interviews over six days, giving you the ability to fit the summit into your day whenever you can, without needing a babysitter or even real pants. (InDependent, I'm confident, is a strong supporter of summit listening in pajama pants.)

Thanks to's media sponsorship of this event, we have a 60 percent off coupon code for you, good for registration.

The general admission, $3.60 with our code and $9 for non-code users, gets you access to the interviews for the week of the summit, as well as the week after; a few discounts; a prize entry; a download of a copy of Legacy Magazine; and a free download from summit speaker Molly Birkholm.

But the All Access version is the best value. At $38.80 with our code (or $97 at the regular price), you get the the ability to download the interviews for listening at any time for the rest of eternity (or whenever the internet becomes obsolete and we all move to Mars); access to private groups and additional summit content; tons of discounts; daily prize entries and bonus sessions; plus the Legacy Magazine download and the free Molly Birkholm download.

Use the code MILITARY19 to access our discount.

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