Commissary Launches First Part of Website Upgrade

My.Commissary.Com screen grab (
My.Commissary.Com screen grab (

A freshly redesigned customer section on the military commissary's website aims to give shoppers easier access to price information while setting the stage for an expansion of the agency's online ordering program.

Rolled out in 2013, the online ordering and curbside pick-up program Click2Go is set to expand soon, officials said early this year, although they didn't say which locations would get it. Until now, it has been available at only three stateside locations.

The website upgrade is the first step in that Click2Go expansion, commissary officials said in a release. Although shoppers who have been using that service for a long time won't see any changes, the upgrade is needed to expand it those who will be new to the service.

Eventually the site, which is accessed at, will mirror capabilities available on the sites of many civilian stores. For example, shoppers will be able to view their online shopping history, create shopping lists, read and submit product reviews, and view produce and pricing information.

For now, however, the upgrade is just the first step toward those new features, plus a relaunch of a service previously available: the ability to view sales price lists. While the service is not available for overseas stores, stateside customers will be able to look at sale prices. But just how those will be formatted remains to be seen. In the past, they were organized in a giant running list or by type.

Although it was a little tedious, shoppers in the past could use that information to develop grocery shopping lists based on current sale prices, a feature that makes it easier to, for example, stock up on your favorite name-brand cereal when it's temporarily $1.50 a box.

Users of the Commissary Rewards card will also employ the newly revamped customer site to add or manage coupons on their account. Although the rewards app will still be an option when on the go, the portal offers a web-based management system for users.

Officials said customers with coupons already loaded on the card will have access to those until their expiration date.

Customers will need to register the first time they visit the new site section, officials said, and commissary coupon reward card users can update their rewards card number on the site starting today, the release said.

To register, customers must enter their address, first and last name, date of birth and the last four digits of their Social Security number. That one-time authentication differs from past iterations. Previously, you had to enter name, date of birth and last four info each time you wanted to access the sales system.

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