New Book Walks Parents, Educators Through MilKid Moves

(U.S. Army/Patrick Albright)
(U.S. Army/Patrick Albright)

I like big binders and I cannot lie.

Knowing everything is categorized in one place gives me this overwhelming sense of calm. The only thing better than a subject-specific binder of calming goodness is one I do not have to organize for myself. Tell me what to stick in there, universe, and let's get this party started.

And that's why I was so into this military kid school binder when it was sent to me a few years ago. And now one of the authors has worked to make it even better, by offering a companion book that not only walks you through putting together the binder to make your kid's transitions as smooth as possible, but gives you help with all the transition periods that might impact your student.

"Season of My Military Student," written by Amanda Trimillos and Stacy Allsbrook-Huisman, also offers another handy feature that might be especially helpful to older students moving between states: a guide to the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, better known as simply the Interstate Education Compact.

Signed by all 50 states and the District of Columbia, that compact is supposed to make school transitions easy. But states often don't have the staff to help the school districts understand the compact or how it should be used. And that can mean military parents are left to fend for themselves.

But this new book is designed to offer help with that issue -- and that's a good thing.

This book isn't the end of the line for this author pair. Officials at their publisher, Elva Resa, told me that later this year they'll also be releasing an Action Guide to go along with their new book which will include among other things, pre-printer binder pages. These people clearly speak my language.

You can preorder Seasons of My Military Student today.

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