5 Perfect New Year's Resolutions for Military Life

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Welcome to a new year! If you are anything like me you try to have at least one New Year's resolution. It could be to eat better, save more money or simply drink more water.

But what if we added resolutions that were tailored to military life? Not only that, but resolutions that we will continue beyond January? We can take advantage of the challenges we face in military life, and turn them into something we grow and learn from this year.

There are a multitude of ways to create resolutions for military life that will work for you. Here are 5 examples of some perfect New Year's resolutions for this crazy military life.

5 Perfect New Year’s Resolutions for Military Life

1. Travel to at least three new places three or more hours from base.

So many people do not like to leave the immediate area of where they are stationed. We have a unique opportunity to see the world and live in places we never thought we could. A quick online search can show you places you never thought you were near! Go explore a city, national park, spa, whatever you want. Just get in your car and make the most of where you live.

2. Volunteer with a military organization.

We are very lucky to have so many fantastic organizations that support military members and their families. All of us benefit from their generosity and service in one way or another. Volunteer opportunities are plentiful in the military community. When you choose to donate your time you are reaping so many more benefits than you might realize. I encourage you to visit your local volunteer coordinator on post to find some amazing opportunities.

3. Try the local cuisine.

I had no idea green chilies were so popular until we were stationed in Colorado. Now I cannot get enough! Trying new foods can sometimes be a scary thing, especially when you're stationed overseas. Some of my favorite foods (like chile rellenos) were found only because the military sent us to where they are a local favorite. The next time you are grabbing some food, ask what the locals love and order outside your comfort zone.

4. Get your stuff in order.

One thing about the military: They love paperwork. Anyone who has experienced a PCS or deployment can slowly become overwhelmed by how much is needed! But what about the other pieces of important paperwork? Many families have yet to create a will or are still unsure about what power of attorney is needed for what life event. A practical and important New Year's resolution is to make sure you have as much of your important paperwork in order as possible. I would recommend reaching out to your local JAG office or financial readiness counselor to discuss what paperwork you should absolutely have for any of life's unexpected events.

5. Practice self-care regularly.

A lot of times our spouses' careers can throw us some serious curveballs. The unexpected can leave us feeling scared, sad and maybe even depressed. Some of us might feel the need to hide our emotions and make it seem like everything is okay.

It is of the utmost importance that we take care of our mental and physical health. There is no shame at all in reaching out to others for help. I encourage you to practice self-care even if you aren't going through a tough time right now. It could be walking outside, taking a hot bath or speaking to a trusted friend. Being intentional with your health is the best thing you can do for yourself.

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