Make the Right Moves to Reclaim Your Happiness

Military Spouse JD Network conference

Picture this: You’re a working professional licensed in one state. You’ve made contacts, impressed clients and proven yourself in your career. Then, Uncle Sam calls, and you and your family are off to a totally different state where not only do you not know anyone, but you’re not licensed. You can’t easily get a job and you find yourself wondering, what do I do? And the cycle repeats itself every couple of years.

We know military life comes with many challenges: deployments, PCS moves, leaving family and friends behind, having to form new friendships and relationships and new additions to the family. Through all the hustle and bustle, military spouses often find themselves sacrificing their careers in support of their service member and family.

According to a 2019 survey from MilitaryOneSource, PCS moves and having children are associated with increased odds of unemployment. At that time, the unemployment rate of military spouses was 22%, relatively unchanged since 2012 (25%).

The Military Spouse J.D. Network (MSJDN) understands that being a military spouse is a superpower, and your career should not be sacrificed along the way. MSJDN’s mission is to help military spouse attorneys and other professionals gain licensing reciprocity and build meaningful careers.

During its 10th anniversary celebration this past June, President Kristen Jones noted: “We are committed to making sure young professionals know that there is absolutely no limit to the career paths available.”

That’s where MSJDN’s “Making the Right Moves” comes into play.

Throughout October, MSJDN and its corporate partners will host its ninth annual Making the Right Moves professional development conference virtually for military spouses looking to reclaim their careers.

Are you looking to gain confidence in reentering the workforce? There’s a panel for that! Do you want to hear from military spouses and others on how to find fulfillment, and how to prioritize confidence as a military spouse? Join our workshop! Are you looking to grow your network with other military spouses and employers? We’re hosting a virtual happy hour to help you connect with others! Can’t make it for one of the panels? MSJDN has you covered with video replays of the entire conference.

You invest so much in your family and your country; take the time to invest in your future self!

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