We Split Up. Will the Army Move Me Home?

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Dear Ms. Vicki, I am writing you because I have been getting different answers to a very important question. My spouse and I have recently separated households. I am originally from California and want to relocate back closer to my family.

I have a child but we have no children together. Finances are extremely tight and I cannot afford to move. So my question is, will the military relocate me back to my home of record or is this an expense I am left with? Thank you for any help you may be able to provide. Sincerely, CQ

Dear CQ, This is a good question. The military won’t move you without orders. If you move now, it will be at your own expense. When your husband is ready to PCS, there may be some stipulation about moving things to two different households. For more information about that, I would speak to someone in the transportation office on base. You should even consider visiting with the legal office on base for more information about your options too. I hope this helps and I hope you are OK. Ms. Vicki 


Dear Ms. Vicki, My husband is currently stationed with the Old Guard in Washington, D.C., and has been given his options for his next duty station once he re-enlists.

He has always wanted to live in Europe and is considering Camp Vilsack, Germany; East Camp, Germany; and Camp Ederle, Italy.

I am trying to find information about these three places concerning continuing my education, housing, and distance from urban areas. I also want to know about transitional housing during the time we arrive and finding an apartment, pet policies, jobs and cost of living, as well as public transportation, since the Army will ship only one vehicle and unfortunately it isn't going to be mine.

I am having a difficult time finding reliable info on these places, and I'm terrified of being stranded in a foreign country with no resources. My husband tried networking via Facebook with some other friends who have traveled a lot during their careers in the Army, but his first sergeant put a quick stop to that and made him delete all of his questions and conversations.

Now my husband is afraid to even contact them through private email for fear it will make its way back to his first sergeant.

I also haven't gotten a wealth of information from the retention officer and no one seems to be able to give me facts, just a lot of maybes. All of the issues I mentioned above will fall entirely onto my shoulders when we move, and I am not OK blindly moving somewhere and not knowing what I'm getting myself into. Please let me know of any resources I can contact regarding the OCONUS duty stations I mentioned.  Thanks! MJ

Dear MJ, I know this is causing you a lot of anxiety. My apology that you are not getting the information you need. I think you should look at Military Home Front; they have a wealth of information about every location. Their website is www.militaryhomefront.dod.mil. You should also contact Military OneSource; they also have relocation information too. Their number is 800-342-9647. They are opened 24/7. I hope this helps. I wish you all the best with your future travels. Ms. Vicki

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