$3500 Good Faith Payment


Hello Ms. Vicki,

I am very upset because my fiancé is deployed to Djibouti, Africa. Now that it's time for him to come home for R&R his commanders won't let him until he pays a $3500 good faith payment. He also has to pay for his flight home and back to Africa. I've already paid $1500 to his commander.

The commander calls me every day asking for the rest of the money or his request for leave will be rescinded. I want to be with him so bad. We have never had a chance to be together because we met on Facebook since he has been deployed. He wants to come home for R&R to be with me instead of going home to see his family member.

Ms. Vicki, surely the Army can give my fiancé the money for R&R, right? It can't be his responsibility because he is deployed serving his country.


Angry About The Payment

Dear Angry,

Every day I receive letters from women who are asked to send money to a servicemember boyfriend, fiancé or husband so he can come home for R&R or even return home from deployment. This is a love scam: Don't send any money!

Our service members and their chain of commands are professionals who are guided by one of the highest organizations: The Department of Defense. There would never be any requests from a US military commander to send him/her money to approve leave for a service member.

Please don't send money to anyone.

Furthermore, if you have been asked to take part in such a request you should cease all communication with this person or people. Personally, I think you could be in jeopardy of identity theft, etc. Hopefully you haven't provided any other pertinent personal information.

This is a scam!


Ms. Vicki

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