Does a Degree Make You a Better Mother?

three graduates in their cap and gown
Service members pose for a photo after the Fort Knox Army Education Center College Graduation Ceremony. (Nahjier Williams/DVIDS)

A college degree can have a profound effect on your job prospects, income level, and -- parenting ability? According to a quarter of Americans polled by, a degree can in fact make you a better mother. -- a website that connects students with online degrees -- polled 484 men and 516 women, and found that 24% of respondents believe that women with a college education are better parents than mothers without a degree. While the majority of respondents disagreed with this assessment, a report from the U.S. Department of Education, titled "Parents' Literacy and their Children's Success in School," asserts that mothers with degrees provide better cognitive and language skills to their children, giving them a higher chance of academic success.

What's more, a Child Trends Databank indicator says that parental education -- or the lack of -- not only affects children's educational aptitude, but also health-related behaviors, such as smoking and binge drinking, reports And, the more educated the mother the higher her income, which can lead to more access to material goods and a higher social standing. The survey specifically says 36% of Americans aged 18-24 think women who graduated from college are better moms than those who have not, compared to 23% of older Americans.

"The connection between a parent's education and the academic success of their children has been documented time and time again," says Content Director Helen MacDermott in a company-issued press release.

"Although a mother's education does not dictate the love she can give her children, it may impact her ability to assist with academic development, as well as role-model the importance of school," MacDermott added.

The survey was part of's effort to help moms gain access to scholarship opportunities through their program, Project Working Mom. The program has awarded more than $6 million in full-tuition scholarships to nearly 250 parents, and Project Working Mom has offered scholarships to mothers looking educational opportunities. also offers news and tips about finding scholarships on the Education Channel. This channel features a Scholarship Finder that lists military spouse tuition assistance programs, as well as colleges.

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