Will Tricare Pay for Her Botched Boob Job?

What procedures will Tricare pay for? Getty Images
What procedures will Tricare pay for? Getty Images

Dear Q&B,

I have a ruptured breast implant, and it's making me sick. The civilian doctor wants to charge me $11,000 for removal and restoration. That's double what I paid to get them to start with!

Will Tricare at least help defer the cost of my breast implant removal?

-- Sick and Botched

Dear Botched --

Tricare covers plastic surgeries, including breast augmentations or "boob jobs," only when they are considered "medically necessary." That means that while it will cover a breast reduction or implants after a mastectomy, it is unlikely to pay for breast changes for any other reason.

And because of that, it also will not cover any complications or any care patients need as a result of elective surgeries they received outside of Tricare's coverage. That means if you elected to have plastic surgery, you are financially responsible for whatever medical ramifications come from that -- including breast implant removal.

-- Team Q&B

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