Will Tricare Pay for Her Botched Boob Job?

FILE PHOTO – Two doctors perform a procedure on a patient (Image: Health.mil)
FILE PHOTO – Two doctors perform a procedure on a patient (Image: Health.mil)

I have a ruptured breast implant, and it's making me sick. The civilian doctor wants to charge me $11,000 for removal and restoration. That's double what I paid to get them to start with!

Will Tricare at least help defer the cost of my breast implant removal? Or cover any of the costs associated with the health care I need to fix this?

Unfortunately, no.

Tricare covers some plastic surgeries, which may include breast augmentations or "boob jobs” -- if they are considered "medically necessary." That means that while it will cover a breast reduction or implants after a mastectomy, it is unlikely to pay for breast changes for any other reason.

And because of that, it also will not cover any complications or any care patients need as a result of elective surgeries they received outside of Tricare's coverage. That means if you elected to have plastic surgery, you are financially responsible for whatever medical ramifications come from that -- including breast implant removal.

What may help, though, is looking at a second opinion or utilizing any other insurance you may have from your own employment benefits package.

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