Negotiating: Beyond the Paycheck


When you're negotiating for a new job, there's much more to consider than the size of your paycheck, points out Mary Simon, author of Negotiate Your Job Offer: A Step-by-Step Guide to a Win-Win Situation. Simon suggests each offer has eight different components you need to consider.

Total Compensation

This includes base salary, medical, dental, vision and retirement benefits.

Quality-of-Life Factors

What are the company's policies regarding vacation, child/eldercare, parental leave, telecommuting policies and relocation requirements?

Performance Parameters

Do the performance expectations, time period given to achieve those goals and annual bonuses seem right for you?

Job Structure

How much domestic and international travel is required?

Resources and Support

What technical and interdepartmental support will you get from IT, marketing, accounting and customer service?

Career Development

This includes tuition assistance, professional development, mentoring and coaching.

Stress and Time

Exactly what are you getting yourself into and are you being compensated for it? Take note of peak work hours, parental leave policies, telecommuting policies and frequency of required relocation.

Help with Transition

The relocation package, signing bonus and assistance with job search and relocation for partner/spouse can be a nice add-on and might even tip you off as to how much the company wants you to join the team.

This article originally appeared on Monster Career Advice.

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