5 Myths of Holiday Job Searching

One of the biggest misconceptions about looking for a job is that employers stop hiring during Christmas. On the contrary, the holidays are the perfect time to find a job — employers don’t take a holiday from hiring qualified applicants. So don’t get discouraged and let myths plague your job search. Here are five myths of holiday job searching, according to CareerJournal.com:

Myth No.1:  Employers stop hiring in December.

The real deal: Hiring heats up in December. The majority of employers want to reach deadlines to make full use of their yearly budgets. Additionally, more positions open up between November and early December because many professionals quit their jobs during this time of year.

Myth No.2: You’ll have to settle for a job during the holidays.

The real deal: The holidays are the perfect time to get your ideal job. In fact, most job seekers stop applying for a job during the holidays because they believe Myth No.1. So there is less competition out there.

Myth No.3: Nothing ever happens after Dec. 15, so you might as well stop looking.

The real deal: Most recruiters advise job candidates to be flexible in scheduling interviews around the holidays. If you’re able to meet for at least an hour around the holidays you can show hiring managers that you are really want the job.

Myth No.4: Even if an employer has an opening, the hiring manager won’t have time to meet with you.

The real deal: The interviewing process can be slower during the holidays because of the number of days people are out of the office. However, flexibility is the key. Since hiring managers are in and out of town and there are so many parties and other holiday activities, you may have to visit a company several times to meet all of hiring managers.

Myth No. 5: You’ll have a better chance if you wait until the first of the year.

The real deal:  If employers have a need, they won’t wait until December or January to hire a qualified candidate. Hiring isn’t focused on seasons, it’s focused on need, reports CareerJournal.com.

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