Army Policy on Home Based Business in Military Housing


Subject:    Family Member Employment From Government Housing

  1. The Department of Defense has directed that we foster and encourage the use of family quarters for certain limited commercial activities. It is recognized that we are now allowing certain limited commercial enterprises, such as handicrafts, child care, and sale of products to be conducted by occupants of government quarters.  
  2. Commands should continue to allow these practices and each commander should follow regulatory guidance in place for commercial solicitation. In addition, commanders should request that persons wishing to engage in commercial activities in family quarters submit a written request for authorization to do so. Such requests should be granted where feasible. Issues such as local government licensing requirements, potential government liability, overseas Status of Forces Agreements, host country business practices, and prospective advertising practices should be considered for each request. Commanders may not authorize a commercial enterprise at the expense of military community tranquillity, harmony among neighbors or safety.  
  3. When practical and feasible, commanders may authorize occupants to make minor modifications to housing units. Costs for modification and restoration, if required, will be at the occupant's expense. All minor modification requests and approvals will be processed under existing regulations which govern projects in family housing. Utility costs associated with some enterprises should be recouped when such collections are cost effective.  
  4. Compliance with the provisions of AR 600-50, Standards of Conduct, which prohibit solicited sales to subordinates must be a condition for granting approval to conduct commercial activates in family quarters. Sales of merchandise not available through the Army and Air Force Exchange should not be construed to be competing with an installation's officially sanctioned commerce.

HQDA Message DAPE-ZA 04220OZ FEB 87

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Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Family Support, Education and Safety)

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