Tips for Shipping Valuable Items During PCS Moves

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Even though the military has tons of resources to support you during a PCS, it’s important to take extra precautions to ensure your valuable items are reliably transported. There are a few steps you can take to protect your items from getting lost, stolen, or damaged. It takes extra energy, but if you follow these steps you can rest assured that your valuables will be well protected.

Through valuable feedback received from recent Customer Satisfaction Surveys, JPPSO-Northeast thought it was important to reach out to customers with some moving tips regarding the shipment of valuable items.

First, have expensive and valuable items (e.g. artwork, collectables, heirlooms) appraised. The Government does not pay for the appraisals, but consider this part of the investment in the event of loss or damage. Attempt to locate original purchase receipts for more expensive items and keep them separated from the rest of the shipment. Consider using a video camera or taking close-up pictures to record the condition of furniture, working condition of the stereo, television and the actual appearance of expensive or valuable items prior to the household goods pack and pickup dates. This could help if filing a loss or damage claim.

Do not ship small, extremely valuable items such as stocks, bonds, jewelry, coins or coin collections, passports, birth certificates and items of great sentimental value such as photo albums. Pack them in suitcases and hand-carry them, as well as purchase receipts, pictures and appraisals. Also secure these items during pack and pickup dates.

If high value items are to be shipped, it is imperative that the items are listed on the inventory. In addition, personnel must be able to substantiate what they owned and its pre-shipment value.

For personnel that encounter any problems regarding shipping high value items, the Quality Assurance Department is always available to assist. Call 781-377-7666 during normal business hours or 978-987-6546 after duty hours.

Do not forget, personnel with property stored by the Government are responsible for keeping contact information current at all times. It is imperative that personnel update or make arrangements for delivery of storage during the personal property counseling.

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