Reporting to the New Duty Station Overseas

An Airman works with a moving crew during a PCS.

If you're a new appointee to the Federal government, as well as the vacancy announcement authorized payment of relocation expenses, you may be eligible for a government paid move.

A new appointee includes:

  • An individual who has performed transition activities under section 3 of the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 (3 U.S.C. §102 note) and who is appointed in the same fiscal year as the Presidential inauguration that immediately follows his/her transition activities.
  • An individual appointed after a break in service. NOTE: An employee separated as a result of a RIF or transfer of function may be treated as a transferee instead of a new appointee.
  • A student trainee who is assigned upon completion of college work.


Payment of travel and transportation expenses for First Duty Station moves are limited to the following:

  • Travel expenses including per diem for the appointee or student trainee
  • Transportation for immediate family of appointee or student trainee
  • Mileage if privately owned vehicle is used
  • Transportation and temporary storage of household goods
  • Nontemporary storage of household goods is appointed to an isolated location
  • Transportation of mobile homes

The following expenses are not authorized:

  • Per diem for family
  • Cost of house-hunting trip
  • Subsistence while occupying temporary quarters
  • Miscellaneous expense allowance
  • Residence sale and purchase expenses
  • Lease-breaking expenses
  • Location services

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