5 Military Companies Making PCS Season Easier

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Hurry up and wait is a common theme in the military. But this moving season, it's so very real.

You may have been sitting on orders for months when finally given the green light to go, or you may have received them just last week. Either way, it's time to bring in some help.

Here are five military companies whose products and services are guaranteed to make this permanent change of station (PCS) season easier.

1. PCS Swag from Westhouse

Military moves are part of the lifestyle, and it's kind of fun to rep that while you're going through the crazy. Serena West has been living the military life for 14 years and has created beautiful products for PCS season and military life in general -- from a "survival mode" T-shirt to a wooden "do not pack" sign. Check out her PCS shop and prepare for PCS season even if you're not moving.

2. Temporary Lodging Options

When at least one-third of the military force is moving at once, there is a strain on resources, especially temporary lodging. While hotels on base are helpful and often convenient, they are also not enough. Those with larger families, pets or last-minute orders often need to look elsewhere.

Fortunately, there are great options. One of those is PCS -- At Ease, a sort of "Airbnb for military families." Anthony Gantt, CEO and founder, said that, since military families can't use Airbnb and HomeAway due to federal regulations, they are often stuck. But PCS -- At Ease provides a service that "connects hosts with homes that meet federal lodging criteria to federal and military travelers during business travel."

The site helps by "aggregating all crash pads, TDY listings, vacation rentals and apartment hotel listings from around the country to make it easier to find all current options that are available to service members and their families," Gantt said. PCS At Ease helps military families stay in a home instead of a cramped hotel room while waiting to close on a house or for on-base housing to become available.

3. Millie Scout

There's little fun to be found moving, especially when you're doing it last minute or on your own, but did you know you can hire someone to help you out with various tasks? Millie Scouts are military spouses who have handled these tasks before, and they are available to help with jobs that range from touring prospective houses for you to check out the commute from your neighborhood to base. They can also show up on delivery day and help you check boxes off the inventory sheet.

4. Stressless PCS Kit

If you're looking to get a handle on your pre-move organization, start with the Stressless PCS Kit. Created by a military spouse trying to control more of the chaos surrounding her moves, this kit gives you door hangers, color-coded stickers and a central chart -- everything you need to make the move easier, for you and your movers.

5. Permanent Change of Storing

Navy spouse Christa Curtis, the force behind Permanent Change of Storing, is ready to help your family tackle your organizational and storing needs. She firmly believes "that a permanent change to the way you store your treasured items brings relief before and after your move, as well as any point in time while living in yet another temporary home."

And she's good at it.

Her services include PCS Prep -- where she helps you trim down those extras so you are in no danger of going over that weight allowance while organizing your things in a way that makes unpacking easy, help settling into your new home and special help for those seasons of life, like when you have a new baby or renovate the kitchen.

Curtis offers a free consultation and, while she is living overseas at the moment, is launching online services very soon, including virtual organizing, productivity tips and resources.

Take advantage of the services and products designed to make your PCS easier. And, if you find something is missing, maybe that's your cue to start your own PCS-related business.

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