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Military Star Card Can Now Be Used for Barracks Internet Charges

The Military Star card, an in-house credit line that can primarily be used in Exchange-run stores on base or at military commissaries, just added a new use: on-base Boingo internet purchases.

You might recognize the company as the source of in-flight internet on various airlines, but Boingo also is the contractor that provides internet in barracks on 38 Army and Air Force bases and in some Exchange malls.

The Star Card is the Exchanges' in-house credit system, and Exchange officials like to promote its use because they don't have to pay transaction fees on it. Avoiding those fees, they said, gives them more money to pump back into the military's morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) programs, which receive annual Exchange dividends.

Using it also gives holders gas savings of 5 cents off per gallon at Exchange gas stations and gift certificate rewards cards through a points system.

The new Boingo use feature is exclusive to the service on base. That means you can't use the Star Card to pay for it, say, on your next flight.

Boingo isn't the only service Star Card officials have added recently. As of June card holders can also use it to pay for stays at the Shades of Green military resort at Disney World and for Disney or other attraction tickets purchased through Shades of Green.

Of course and as always, potential users should carefully consider whether or not adding a new line of credit to their lives is a good idea before signing up.

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