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NEX Cares Offers Free Shipping & Supplies


Do you have a deployed family member and a child under the age of 12?  The Navy Exchange (NEX) has announced a generous and unique promotion occurring at six large NEX locations on 5 November 2016.   Called a NEXCares Care Package Event, children 12 and under will be able to create a personalized package for their deployed sailor.  The sponsoring NEX will offer packing material, a $20 gift card for the child to shop for care package items, and the NEX will pay for the shipping on the package.  How cool is that?

Participating locations include

  • Norfolk, Virginia;
  • Oceana, Virginia;
  • Bangor, Washington;
  • Mayport, Florida;
  • San Diego, California; and
  • Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
Pre-registration is absolutely required as there is a limit to how many people can be served at each location.  I can imagine this being a very popular event so you should probably sign up immediately if you want to participate.  There were not any instructions on how to sign up, so I would suggest that you contact the customer service desk at your store for more information, including the times of the event, and to get your name (or your child's name) on the list.  Don't forget to bring your deployed family member's mailing address to the event so that your package can get mailed out quickly.

The first NEXCares events were held in July 2016 at the Norfolk and Oceana exchanges, where over 1,000 families attended.  At that event, special bins were set up to help the children shop for care package items such as candy, food, toiletries, and health care items.

The NEX says that this will become a regular event.  I've already heard one person say that they hope it will extend to smaller NEX locations in the future.

This event is made possible by the generous support of NEX suppliers.

Here's the flyer that brought this to my attention:Navy Exchange event offers free package goodies and shipping.

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