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Remove the Temptation

I don't know about you, but I am easily tempted to spend money.  It is best if I stay out of stores, away from catalogs, and don't watch TV.  The TV part is easy as I'm not much of a TV watcher anyway.  I can't avoid all stores, but I do try to limit the number of times I shop, and I never go just to browse.  Too much temptation!  However, those catalogs keep coming, and my email is always full of ads.

There are two steps to eliminating the threat of catalogs and email ads.  First is to prevent them from entering your life.

For catalogs, put your name on the Direct Marketing Association's  Do Not Mail list.  This does not compel advertisers to remove you from their lists, but it is still highly effective.  Direct mail advertising is expensive, and companies don't want to be sending catalogs to people who don't want them.  Most companies are glad to know that you aren't interested, and using the list is a speedy way to notify most direct mail companies with just one simple action.

Email is more time-consuming.  For each email, there will be an "unsubscribe" link, usually at the bottom somewhere.  There is a small risk that the link will take you somewhere undesirable, so it is better to only unsubscribe to emails that you actually recognize.  If you're like most people, you get an astounding number of email advertisements each day.  When I notice things are getting out of hand, I challenge myself to unsubscribe from five lists each day until my email becomes manageable again.

The second step is super-simple.  Move your recycling bin somewhere handy, and walk by in when you come in from the mail.  Don't even go through the catalogs - just drop them straight in the recycling bin.  I promise you won't miss out on anything...if you discover a need, you can find any item available in a catalog at the store's website.

Removing temptation is a great way to keep money in your pocket and unnecessary stuff out of your house.

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