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November Commissary Off-Site Sales


As the weather turns colder and the travelling conditions get less predictable, there are fewer and fewer Commissary off-site sales.  November has just two!

The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) calls these events Guard and Reserve sales, because they are held at National Guard or Reserve locations around the country.  I prefer to call them remote sales, or off-site sales, because they are open to all eligible commissary patrons and they are held at locations that are remote from regular bricks-and-mortar Commissary stores.  These sales bring a trailer (or several) of Commissary products and prices to a location that might be hours away from a base with a Commissary.  National Guard, reservists, active duty families, and retirees can all shop at these sales.

Here are the locations for November 2015:


42nd Fighter Wing

29050 Coral Sea Blvd

Homestead ARB, FL 33030



1956 Mt Majo St

Fort Harrison, MT 59636

For each listing, the linked portion of the listing takes you to the sponsoring Commissary's contact information page.  Here, you can find a telephone number to confirm the dates, times and locations of the sales.  This is particularly important if you are travelling any distance, or if there is inclement weather near the dates of the sales.  Sales are sometimes cancelled or postponed at the last-minute, usually due to difficulty in getting the goods to the sales location.  Calling ahead is always a smart move so that you don't travel to find yourself at a cancelled or postponed sale.

These sales are a great way for eligible Commissary patrons to enjoy Commissary products and prices without having to travel huge distances to get to a base that has a Commissary store.  Over the course of a year, the Commissary typically holds about 100 of these sales at locations all across the country.  The number always goes down with budget issues, and then creeps back up.  It's hard to say what the future of these sales may be, so take advantage now.

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