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Kate Is Clueless: Tricare Mail Order Pharmacy


Readers, I hope that you can help your fellow Paycheck Chronicles readers and me out by telling us about the tricks and tips for using the Tricare mail order pharmacy. Readers ask me about it, and I don't know the answers because I have never used it. Now I am trying to use it for my family, and I feel frustrated.

I've never had a reason to use the Tricare mail order pharmacy until recently. My daughter has been prescribed a medicine that is not available in the local pharmacy's stock, and they've directed me to the mail order pharmacy to fill this prescription. Her doctor wrote out a paper prescriptions for me to use.

I'm not sure why I assumed that the process would be easy. It has me stumped already.

First, there is the form. It asks for all the sponsor's information at the top, including gender and drug allergies. It also asks for an ID number. Is that supposed to be the social security number? I thought we weren't using those any more. I completely messed the form up at first, because I put my daughter's gender and drug allergies in the top section. Once I got further into the form, I realized that they were asking for that information again in the section for her information, so I went back and changed the stuff at the top. Ugh.

Now that I'm looking over the prescription requirements, it seems like her doctor didn't fill out everything necessary. It is asking for a telephone number, and the doctor's DEA registration number. (Of course, she's on leave for the next four weeks.) I've got a call into her nurse for help, but I need this prescription now!

Please, dear readers. If you have used the Tricare mail order pharmacy, let me know how it worked for you. Are there any things I'm liable to mess up? Have you had prescriptions returns for not having the right information? How long did it take from the time you first sent in your prescription until it was filled? I am looking for any and all input.

I thank you for your help.

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