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From The Mailbag: Retiree Tax Information


Retirees are looking to prepare their federal income tax returns, and they're looking for documents.  As always, MyPay is the way to go.


(edited to protect personally identifying information)

My husband and I have not received the Retiree Account Statement nor the 1099R's - please advise how, when they are to be available/mailed out, ie, the procedure to receive them --- thank you.  SJ

My Answer:

Mrs. J, Retiree Account Statements and 1099Rs are available online via the MyPay system, or they will be mailed via the regular mail from mid-December to the 10th of January 2015. I recommend you take the time to set up a MyPay account, as it gives you unlimited, free, online access to your Retiree Account Statements, early access to your 1099Rs, plus the ability to update your address, bank details, and tax information at any time. I hope that answers your question. Kate I know that I tend to sound like a MyPay advertisement, but I can't imagine life without access to view Leave and Earnings Statements or Retiree Account Statements, change bank deposit details, update Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) contributions, and all the other things you can do with a MyPay account. Creating a new MyPay account requires a correct mailing address on file with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) because your initial, temporary password is sent via the US postal service.  If your address on file is old, you will have to update it before starting the MyPay process.  Updating your address can be done online or by mail. It can take a little effort to create an account, but it will save you a lot of time in the future.  I promise! Show Full Article

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