2015 Military Pay Raise Likely 1%


With the House of Representatives passing the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), we are one step closer to having some clarity on what the next year or so is going to look like. The bill will go to the Senate this week, where it is expected to pass easily, and then go on to the President for his signature.

The 2015 NDAA contains a 1% pay increase for military personnel, which will mean an additional $15 to $123 for servicemembers, depending on rank and length of service. You can see the complete 1% increase pay charts here.

A lot of service members are disappointed in the small pay increase, and that is understandable.  On the other hand, lots of private sector folks aren't seeing any raise this year.  I'm going to focus on being thankful for a small pay raise, and the other benefits of military service.

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